ICMDS is a non-profit organization dedicated to the task of promoting Indian Classical Music & Dance in the triangle area. ICMDS has been hosting various music & dance concerts since 1987. During these years, many eminent artists have presented a variety of rich Indian music & dances to the triangle arts lovers.


The Indian Classical Music and Dance Society strives to arrange an impressive lineup of programs that meets the expectations of enthusiasts of the Indian Classical arts in the Triangle area. None of this is possible without your continued support. Please support ICMDS and the efforts of the board by simply becoming a member. Your support is essential and vital to program planning and to inviting premier artists to our community. Please enroll as a member today!!.


Membership Fees for Categories Effective from January 01, 2013

  • Patron Family Members - $250 per family
    (Patron family membership includes the benefits of extended family membership, and in addition, premium seating, and honorable mention in brochures)
  • Extended Family membership - $180 per family
    (This allows free membership for the family as well as visiting parents etc)
  • Full-Society Family Members - $150 per family
    (Family as defined per IRS & only those who you claim as dependents in the tax return forms.)
  • Sr. Family Members - $100 per family
    (Family as defined per IRS & only those who you claim as dependents in the tax return forms.)
  • Patron Individual Members - $125 per person
    (Patron ind. members get premium seats, and honorable mention in our brochures)
  • Individual Members - $75 per person
    (Non Senior Citizens)
  • Student / Sr. Citizen - $50 per person
    (Students have to be Full-time Students, Sr. Citizen (65 and up)



Event: Carnatic Veena Concert
Date/Time: Sat.,25 April, 2015 @6 PM
Venue: Hindu Society Temple Hall, 309 Aviation Parkway, Morrisville

Event: Hindustani Vocal Concert
Artists: Smt Indrani Mukherjee, Apurba Mukherjee (Tabla), Sanatan Goswami (Harmonium)
Date/Time: Sun., 17 May, 2015 @ 3 PM
Venue: Green Hope High School, Cary, NC

Event: Unique Percussion Trio Concert
Artists: Milind Tulankar (Jalatarang), Pt Ramdas Palsule (Tabla), Taufiq Qureshi
Date/Time: Sun., 31 May, 2015 @ 5 PM
Venue: HSNC cultural Hall, Morrisville